My name's Jack and I'm a native English writer and journalist based in Berlin.

I read, write, and edit for a living — as former head editor at freundevonfreunden, and now on a freelance basis for VSCO, ElderadoExperience, NeedSupply, LOLA, and more.

I write fresh and creative content for today's modern, capricious readers, in ways that will work for you and your audience. Working as a copywriter on advertising and social media I've learned to refine my style for successful campaigns, producing snappy content with a clear and direct message.


Here are some recent pieces that I'm most proud of

You can find more work here and here. I also write poetry, and make delightfully cryptic 3D models and videos.

About me

I was born in New Zealand's small but allegedly cultured capital, where I studied an indiscriminate mix of Music, Media, Law, Psychology, and Science before graduating all of a sudden one day with a degree in Micro Biology.

I then travelled the world, moving to Melbourne, Bristol, and Berlin. I worked in many roles along the way, and gained years of literary experience as a copywriter, campaign manager, marketer, and content editor.

But writing isn't just a job - it's something I'm proud of. I've always read a prodigious amount and enjoy writing poetry. By night I'm a typical mid-twenties bachelor, going to parties, falling in love, drinking bad wine, and feeling like shit, but by day, I like to observe the sites of this wonderful city and the curious creatures that inhabit it.

I've been to almost every country in Europe and what seems like every hipster Neukölln dive-bar imaginable, but I still find reflecting on and writing about the cafes, parties, art, isolation, and faltering romances of this big whirling town incredibly exciting.


Here are some recent roles that I've enjoyed.


I'm always open to new ideas. Get in touch via jackmahoney212 [at] gmail.com